Twenty one years ago today was my first day of sobriety, the first day of a new life, the first twenty-four hours in more years than I care to remember when I didn’t have a drop of alcohol. It came after a night that was a nightmare and a godsend. Continue reading


…if the aspiration is inside a human being to grow,

to find the truth, then (she) will find a way

and the way will find (her).

I just watched a video titled, 212 – The Extra Degree, (http://www.videosmotivational.com/best-clips/success/212-the-extra-degree/). It is a good promotional video that stresses the importance of the number “1”, beginning with the difference between water that is 211º and is hot, and water that is 212º and boils producing steam which is power enough to move a train or a boat. Continue reading


 Back there around the end of October (on the 29th) I wrote a blog entitled “The First Day of Winter”. It sure as hell felt like it back then. The following day, I received an e-mail from a very dear friend who lives in Acapulco (where it NEVER feels like winter) telling me that I was mistaken because winter didn’t begin until the 21st of December. Continue reading