Someone asked me the other day about my chocolate Labrador retriever. Her name was Catira, a term applied to blond women in Venezuela, I believe. But to me she is my Soul Dog. In this case, circumstances are important because every thing about her adds meaning to the way she influenced and –as far as I am concerned- saved my life. This makes telling complicated but I will try. Continue reading


The alarm goes off.  I open one eye. The grey hush of morning is beginning to reflect in the mirror on the wall from the window to my back. There is something warm snuggled up against my left shoulder blade and extending almost down to my waist. Slowly I turn my head on the pillow and meet mustaches, eyebrows, two floppy black ears and the dark shiny eyes of my miniature schnauzer, her head comfortably resting on the pillow beside mine. Continue reading


My life at that moment seemed almost impossible to live.

Twenty four months earlier I had declared myself a raging alcoholic on the verge of prolonged suicide and spent five weeks in an addiction clinic.

            Thirteen months earlier I had given up smoking thinking that as I had managed to do it with one addiction, the second one would be easier.

            Six months earlier I had finally decided to give up what I hoped was my last addiction. I divorced my husband. Continue reading

The Multi-Faceted Approach to Building a Better Penis

I just couldn’t resist. The above phrase appeared as a heading in my spam box and throwing it away was beyond me. There must be a story to this, thought I. Of course, I didn’t dare open the mail to get the instructions because I feared that then I would be flooded with all the techniques for having a better, bigger, longer and more satisfying penis. Considering I had never had one at all, I could not see the use of having this kind of information swamping my spam box. Continue reading