In my last post, I promised a continuation of the story of Juliette at home… and I have fallen amiss. In spite of the fact that we have been confined since that day, and that I have been alone… I have actually been busier than ever before in my life. Between correcting and revising my short stories which are to be republished hopefully soon, correcting a translation of a friend, organizing and participating in a Zoom group for women from different countries and taking care of Juliette, I have been absolutely busy.

No confinement blues for me (apart from the fact that having a dog not only allows, but demands leaving the house at least 4 times a day), because I don’t feel confined. I would have no choice but to stay home and work if I expected to meet any of my deadlines, so I would have self-confined.

Tonight I have finished reviewing and revising my two books of short stories –which will be republished as one- and have decided to continue the Juliette story. Needless to say, it took her exactly no time at all to settle in and become the dog of the house. Yes, she barks a little loudly (but little by little is learning not to do it), and yes, for the first two days she acted like the stranger who had walked into the wrong house by accident, but the third day she suddenly began playing with Salomé’s toys and our relationship was off and running.

Since then, she has obviously become the Dog of the House, has chosen a straight-backed chair with a cushion on it as her place (nearest me, immediately to my right) instead of the black armchair where Salomé like to sleep; has proved herself to be –above all- a LapDog in capital letters, wanting at the slightest excuse to jump up into my lap and lick me on the chin. She has learned to sleep on my bed and cuddle in the morning when I wake (I have remembered that all during my adolescence and right up until I was married, I slept with my dachshund every night) so –more than settling in- she has taken over the place of Dog of the House with great enthusiasm and pleasure.

I am, of course, delighted. Naturally, every once in a while I feel a pinch in my heart when I remember my beloved Salomé, but Juliette is so different in character, so loving, so playful, so demanding in a cute sort of way that I don’t feel the pain I thought I would. I am grateful, to life, to the Universe, to the SPA and all the people who found and kept her well for me until I was ready… and to Juliette, who is a delight to be around and love.