I turned on the news this morning for the first time in years because a friend has a sister New Zealand. I got to see many things waiting for the update: the massacre in Libya, the faces of the mercenaries who –I was informed- are shooting people right and left for 2000 Euros a day, pictures of the landslide in Christchurch under which there is no hope of finding anyone alive, and a report on the continuing slaughter of seals in Canada with graphic pictures of their attempts to escape the bludgeoning. Continue reading


Who would you be if you could not think                                                                                          the thought “I am unhappy” ever again?                                                                                         How would you live your life if you                                                                                                    could no longer believe that lie?                                                                                                         What would your life be like if you knew                                                                                          you could never be unhappy ever again?                                                                                         (Mark Andrew Frey, Facebook)

There are mornings when it is ­good to remember that without a thought there is no such thing as “unhappiness”. Continue reading