Right after I posted a Blog saying that I might not be blogging for a while, a fellow (hmmm, what would the non-sexist equivalent be? Companion?), ok, companion blogger (bloggess? bloggeress?), nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award, a great honor I must admit and a stimulus to keep on writing.

One of the requisites for the Award was to list ten things that people don’t know about me. That is pretty difficult: practically everything I like, dislike, do or don’t do appears in my 114 posts, but I will try:

1. About three times a week, my dinner consists of popcorn (no butter) and an apple;

2. Everyday I have more wrinkles on my face and so far I find that endearing.

3. I am playing Scrabble every day and loving it although I get miserably beaten

4. I love words more than anything I can think of… except my dog.

5. Sometimes I actually understand that there are no mistakes.

6. I am finding out that love is not personal.

7. If I had it to do all over again I probably wouldn’t change anything.

8. As I age, I find doing less important than being.

9. The most important emotion in my life is gratitude.

10. If “curiosity” were the fountain of eternal youth, I would still be 20.

There are my ten things.

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