For those of you who don’t know me, I am a writer… or at least that is what I identified as when I was living in Mexico. I used to write in Spanish and have 9 books published (3 translated into English and available on Amazon.com), but then 18 years ago my life did a flip-flop and I stopped writing. Instead of inventing things on the written page, I began re-inventing myself, or perhaps “un-inventing” as I stripped myself of stories and lies and beliefs and pernicious thoughts. It was like being born into a new life.

Then, just last summer, in order to share my experience in the small French town of Salies with a newly found “old” (5th grade) friend, Doug, I began writing in English. For the first time I wrote for the shear pleasure of it, and like a child with a new toy, I delighted in what I wrote. Doug became my Muse, commanding me to write every day, and I obeyed.

What started in Salies, continued once I got back to Madrid, where I now live, so the “stories” (I call them ‘vignettes’) have become book length material, and yet I continued and continue doing it just for pleasure. Then, some time ago, I saw the movie Julie and Julia, and the idea of creating a Blog to hang the vignettes on was born. I am a slow gestator. Only yesterday, on a spur of the moment impulse, I created this Blog.

If you enjoy what I post, please take out a suscription and continue reading. I would love to have you along on this journey. And, by the way, the title “Everything begins at 60” is absolute truth. At 60 I began living alone, no one but myself and I found The Work of Byron Katie, a simple process that questions stressful thoughts and allows one to move into the NOW in a most delightful way (as Mary Poppins-Julie Andrews would sing). So join me, awake yourself and discover how, not only Life, but EVERYTHING can actually begin at 60. In Spanish there is a saying: “Viejos… los montes y aún reverdecen” (Old… the mountains, and they still grow green).

13 thoughts on “About

  1. I like better “felicidades!!!!!!!” So glad you are writing again and in your own self way! I was very happily surprised when you sent me your “Blog” This is so new to me as to you but great……just great…. you keep on with the times.
    Love you sister. You will give me hours of good reading!

  2. Me parece increible poder leer tus aventuras y experiencias y poder aprender y compartir la maravillosa forma que tienes de ver y disfrutar la vida. Gracias por este regalo que nos das.
    besos, FER (Translation: I think it is incredible to be able to read of your adventures and experiences and to be able to learn and share the wonderful way you have of seeing things and enjoying life. Thank you for this gift you give us.)

  3. Thanks to our dear friend in common, Carlos Nagel I have been given the gift of your thoughts. It is a time in my life that I needed a fresh view of life and not the ruminations of a past well lived, but gone.
    I remember meeting you at Carlos and Alfredo’s with your Pronatura work and you will forever be that luminous, laughing soul with so much to give !
    I so enjoyed the thought provoking posts and will look forward to reading more !
    Thank YOU, Eileen Tucker ( formerly… Ramirez)

    • Can’t tell you how grateful I am that you have chosen my Blog to be nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I have read the instructions and am not sure where I should put the list of things about myself or how to send this on to other Bloggers. Ignorance of the nuances of the internet. Sorry, I await instructions. b

  4. Perfect question, that I don’t necessarily have the answer to!!

    The lovely woman who nominated me, wrote a post on her blog in which she acknowledged the nomination, gave her list about herself and nominated other bloggers. She then posted a comment and link on my blog about it… I just did the same…

    I have searched for other winners, however, and this seems to be rather consistent. – Hope that helps a bit…

  5. Greetings from Canada…after maybe 60 years? I knew you when you lived near the Butlers, and my brother Lincoln and I were part of the Hollywood blacklist community. I’m still in occasional touch with Mike Butler (we both now live in British Columbia, he on Saltspring Island, I in a Vancouver suburb). I just finished The Hummingbird’s Daughter, and Urrea mentions you in his afterword, so I have been catching up on your last few decades. You sound happy, and I like the beauty of your blog.


  6. It is hard to explain how happy it makes me to have find you in this way. You are one of my predilect authors. I was currently looking for some of your books since I lost my personal library years ago, and here you are. I hope you are doing well, I hope I could have a virtual (at least) conversation with you. It would be an honour. Blessings and hugs, from Monterrey, Mexico.

  7. I just discovered your blog as I was doing research on Salies. My husband and I are planning to move there in 2018. It’s so lovely to be able to read your first-hand experiences in the town and see how much you love it. We’re excited to fall in love with it ourselves.

  8. What a joy to stumble upon your musings here! Having spent much of my life exploring the world in bit chances, now a woman in my 50’s, I have been thinking of making the move to Basque Country in search of a more sustainable and grounded lifestyle. I currently work in the field of educational publishing. I spent much of my summer in France (am back in Seattle now) and I came across the cutest little cottage in Salies, and upon further research of the area discovered your blog. While I thought life began at 50, I’m so happy to hear 60 looks even better! I look forward to following your journey!

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