Neither here nor there. Madrid is empty, winding down. Salies is empty, awaiting. Everything is in between. This is to be lived. Writing is not possible. I observe. People come, things leave, spaces regain their rightfulness, cycles close. I am ready. Three days to go, the countdown begins. This Blog will await me in France when my regular computer arrives and normality once again allows the mind to settle and create. Till then, au revoir, hasta luego, Thank you for checking in. Brianda


And still another story about French restaurants. Today, for instance, I go to this place where they advertise “Sandwiches all day” and ask if I can eat a sandwich and if I should go inside to the patio (where the formal dinners are served) or if they serve them in the bar. The man behind the bar says: “Un moment, je vais voir si il y a de pain” and comes out of the kitchen two minutes later announcing there is no bread and he cannot make me a sandwich. Continue reading