It is the most beautiful summer’s day I have seen yet in Salies. The sun shines and lightly burns the skin, the sky is an almost painful blue without a cloud in sight and a light fresh breeze blows; there is no humidity. I take to the Jardin Public late, after chatting as is becoming the custom with the internet love of my life, Doug. It is eleven o’clock before I even take poor Salomé out for the morning duties. The quiet of the day, its perfectness hits me the moment I set foot in the street. Continue reading


In a more useful sense,
 trances are unquestioned
thought systems or behavior
 patterns. In a trance state,
we are so absorbed in the “movie”
that we forget it’s a movie.
And, we forget we are not just
the actor, but also the director
and the audience.
(Swami Beyondananda)

There are several kinds of drunk. Not always, but sometimes I was the aggressive kind: I got drunk to punish you, you being whoever had wronged me at that moment, and believe me, as far as I was concerned the “you’s” were standing in line. Continue reading

MEN ON MY MIND… (2009)

“Lately you have men on your mind….”  That’s how my brother’s letter started out. I read the sentence several times and then asked myself: “Is that true?”  I could answer yes or no. Am I thinking about men more than before? Before when?  If I say 5 years ago, the answer is “yes”. If I say 17 years ago, the answer is “no”, definitely not: at that time I was just divorced and one of the top –if not the top-top- items on my mind’s list was A MAN, any man from the creeps to the crawlies. Continue reading


It seems like the day I recently lost was not the only thing that Salies caused me to overlook and even though that misplacement caused quite a bit of mental confusion, there was no guilt involved. Guilt is another thing, something to be avoided at all costs, something insidious that creeps into the stomach and liver making life quite miserable as long as it lasts. Continue reading