October 30th, time change day. I forget. When I open my eyes to the light I figure it is past eight. According to my clock it is exactly 8:34. The day is wrapped in cottony, woolly, foggy stuff so thick it is hard to see the evergreen in the garden not ten meters away from my window.  The morning ritual seems to take less time than usual and by 9:40 I am at the door with Salomé. Great! Plenty of time to go to my favorite boulangerie for my Sunday croissants. Continue reading


Today I found myself crying twice. It is strange; it is as if I have delved into some deep sadness that bubbles up every time something touches my emotions.  The first was an e-mail in the morning from a cousin with whom I have been corresponding over the last year or so. Continue reading


This moment is always the Home that you seek. Home cannot be found in time,in the story of a future, for Home is simply the timeless presence in which the story of time, and story of the seeker – appears and disappears. (Jeff Foster,  Life Without a Center)

Since leaving Salies on the 2nd of October I have been “out there”. That means I have been talking, sharing, listening, relating and doing practically non-stop with out-time for sleeping only. Continue reading