THE CLIMATE. Yesterday while I was working with a client over Skype a storm burst upon Salies, and burst is the word. Nothing announced it. Just suddenly there was this resounding slap of wind and rain against the side of the building and I turned to see literal sheets (cords, in French) of water blocking the view of even the closest trees. Continue reading


Two things: My back is better and… I received this Award from my marvelous co-blogger Teatime at the Zoo, writer of a blog that is a constant delight of living critters (marvelous photos) whose lives become personalized through her imaginative observing eye. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; you too are my favorite blog.



I dream a lot. I used to dream much more, but even today I have dreams that I remember and write down. I have always dreamed (or should it be ‘dreamt’?) as far back as I can recall. Unfortunately, most of my dreams were nightmares that, at the time, I would have preferred not to have. Continue reading