This moment is always the Home that you seek. Home cannot be found in time,in the story of a future, for Home is simply the timeless presence in which the story of time, and story of the seeker – appears and disappears. (Jeff Foster,  Life Without a Center)

Since leaving Salies on the 2nd of October I have been “out there”. That means I have been talking, sharing, listening, relating and doing practically non-stop with out-time for sleeping only. Continue reading


 When you think that only Mozart is beautiful, there’s no room in your life for rap.

(Byron Katie, 1000 Names for Joy)

I listen to the birds outside the window, the sound of the wind in the trees, the chimes by the door as the breeze moves them and am delighted. A large truck rumbles by, clacking, hammering its way down the pavement, an adolescent zooms through gunning his motorbike for all it’s worth, exhaust open at top volume and murderous thoughts fill my mind. Continue reading


Ordinary people hate solitude.

 But the Master makes use of it,

embracing his aloneness, realizing

he is one with the whole universe.

(Tao Te Ching, 42)

I know I have always been alone.  There is no other way. Before, when I had a husband and two children at home, and living parents I lived alone and it hurt because deep inside of me there was the belief  that I shouldn’t feel alone. Continue reading