There are two ways to live:                                                                                                       you can live as if nothing is a miracle;                                                                                 you can live as if everything is a miracle.                                                                Albert Einstein

There are two things of which I am sure: there are no mistakes and there are no coincidences. That means that everything is just as it should be and everything is a miracle. Nary a doubt. Continue reading


This is what it looks like when writer’s block sets in. In the morning a thought appears: I should write a piece for the blog. And then reality takes over and before I know it, I’ve tried everything to avoid doing it: writing. This has happened every day since I’ve been back and until this moment it had succeeded in making me more barren than sand dunes in the Sahara. Continue reading


My life at that moment seemed almost impossible to live.

Twenty four months earlier I had declared myself a raging alcoholic on the verge of prolonged suicide and spent five weeks in an addiction clinic.

            Thirteen months earlier I had given up smoking thinking that as I had managed to do it with one addiction, the second one would be easier.

            Six months earlier I had finally decided to give up what I hoped was my last addiction. I divorced my husband. Continue reading