Wouldn’t you know it? Today was a beautiful day in Salies. Not a cloud in the sky, brisk chilly air with a slight spring breeze. And of course my first thought was: Why now? Why when I am leaving tomorrow does spring start coming out all over. The pink magnolia trees were so covered with blossoms that it was impossible to see the branches; and the early fruit trees are blooming white and pink also. The village’s flower pots are brimming with such a combination of colors and little pansy faces that it is impossible to appreciate all of them, and the birds are singing their hearts out. Will it all be over by the time I get back?

How silly of me, how childish. Suddenly, instead of looking forward to my trip I am already looking forward to coming home and I doubted I would do this. As I walked into the center this afternoon to have a cup of coffee at one of the local cafes, I took pictures to show my daughter and my friends in Madrid.  I wanted to take Salies with me. I already miss everything. I sat in the sun on the terrace and listened to the French being spoken at the neighboring table. On the way home the sun was so warm I had to take my coat off. I was laughing to myself over nothing, singing a silly song which now I can’t even remember. Already I am thinking that next March I won’t go away so as not to miss the change of seasons.

Now I am packed, have cleaned the car windows and checked the air in the tires. Everything is ready. There is a list on the counter in the kitchen for the cleaning girl on Monday.  I have soaked my plants in water and have left instructions for them to be watered again a week from Monday.  Nothing left to do. Now I am nowhere, not here, not there. Suspended, waiting, watching the hours pass and hoping I will drop off to sleep easily when the time comes.

3 thoughts on “À TOUTE À L’HEURE

  1. Have a wonderful trip! And you know, Spring is also coming early this side of the ocean, you´ll enjoy it too I´m sure! All the light and love go with you.

  2. How funny to read this just today… and how easily I can identify with your feelings. I too am in love with the Pays Basques and don’t like leaving my village and life. BUT I do love to visit my children and grandchildren and dip a little into their lives – which are so different from my own. Presently we are on the Pacific Coast in Mexico where spring has arrived, beautiful weather, turquoise sea and all the blossom out in the streets. The bougainvillea, the almond blossom – this area is truly a little piece of paradise. I feel very lucky to be able to sample it now and again. But like you I will enjoy returning to my little corner of France!

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